Lisa Roet piece number 1 WR

Lisa Roet, Crown of Thorns Cuff, Bronze, N18 mat Gold Plated Photo by Screaming Pixel, Courtesy of the artist and Pieces of Eight Gallery

Kate Rhode piece number 2 WR

Kate Rohde Crystal bangles, Resin, Designed 2011, produced 2011 - present Photo by Andrew Barcham, Courtesy of the Artist and Pieces of Eight Gallery

Guest Exhibition

Ten Cubed is excited to announce it will be hosting its first ever guest exhibition. The exhibition over a period of four weeks will feature two artists who are exploring the bridge between art and design. Kate Rohde and Lisa Roet are both from fine art backgrounds with a strong sculptural practice. Their jewellery and artwork are seen as functional sculptures/wearable artworks.

Lisa Roet  30 May –  8 June 2017

Roet’s strong interest in the recurring motif of the hand as a point of communication is clearly emphasised in her jewellery. Made from precocious materials, many of the pieces in the form of cuffs, rings and signature neck pieces, are cast from gorilla and orang-utan specimen skin rubbings emulating a ‘skin on skin’ transferal.

Roet aims to enliven linkages between simians and humans through her thought provoking objects. With an unparalleled creative output that fuses art, design and science in a variety of media, Lisa Roet continues to draw inspiration from primate forms and captivate international audiences.

Kate Rohde  13 – 24 June 2017

Rohde has become known for her jewellery, immersive installations and sculptural object-based practice, nowadays working predominately with resin and hand casting techniques. With this, and numerous other materials, she constructs elaborate and highly detailed forms which draw from botanical, zoological and geological sources.
Kate Rohde’s artwork and functional pieces are jointly inspired by an intersecting love of natural history and the ornate decorative arts spanning several eras, including perhaps most notably the Rococo era as well as preferring to source inspiration from her vast collection of books.
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Pieces of Eight