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Pat Brassington

Represented by Arc One Gallery. The artwork produced by Pat Brassington sits at the very edge of photography. She often manipulates her images in subtle ways, resulting in an experience that is at once comforting and a source of disquiet. Challenging audience expectations of the photographic medium, Brassington explores the boundaries of reality and fantasy through layered, sometimes subliminal imagery. Humour and play flavour her collages, and a preference for unresolved elements adds to the enigma of her pieces. Brassington’s works have been extensively shown and collected in Australia and internationally for the past 20 years. Her work is held at the National Gallery of Australia, the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Artbank and the National Gallery of Victoria. Pat Brassington lives and works in her birthplace of Hobart. 


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Pat Brassington 2014

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