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Liu Zhuoquan

In Liu Zhuoquan’s Beijing studio ordinary and mundane objects become extraordinarily delicate and beautiful installations through the intervention of the artist’s skill and his astute observations of the world around him. Reinventing the ancient technique of ‘neihua’, the ‘inside painting’ once used to create delicate scenes inside snuff bottles in the Qing imperial court, Liu instead paints the ‘ten thousand things’ of Buddhist philosophy to transform found objects. Discarded bottles, light bulbs and street lamps are filled with beautiful and intricate representations of flora and fauna or sometimes more sinister subjects that depict aspects of contemporary cultural and political life in China.

Born in Wuhan, Hubei Provence in 1964, Liu Zhuoquan is a rapidly rising international artist who has exhibited throughout the Asia Pacific region. He is held in many international collections including Uli Sigg collection, Switzerland; White Rabbit collection, Sydney; Xu Longsen collection, China; China Art Projects, China, England and Australia; Fine Arts Documentary Organisation, China; Lin Yunqiang collection, Indonesia and Ten Cubed collection, Melbourne. Liu is represented in Melbourne by Niagara Galleries.

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