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Tim Silver

Represented by Sullivan+Strumpf. Born in Hobart, Tasmania, Tim Silver now lives and works in Sydney. Silver has been exhibiting photographs, sculptures and installations internationally for more than a decade. His work explores notions of change and decay, and he has a particular fascination with the relationship between an object and its image, which is sometimes depicted through a use of mixed media. A skateboard made out of crayon, a Tigermoth aeroplane built of fairy floss and self-portrait busts cast with putty and woodfiller are just some examples of the artist’s works made to interact with their exhibition environments. Solo and group exhibitions to date include The Tuvaluan Project (2008) shown at Melbourne’s Centre for Contemporary Photography and VOLTA NY, in New York, and Snap freeze: still life now (2007), displayed at Victoria’s TarraWarra Museum of Art. 


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