The Team

The Ten Cubed team is inspired by the notion of challenging traditional approaches to buying art, and driven by the desire to share a growing collection with the public. We think art should be shown, not stored.

The Ten Cubed team is excited to share an evolving study of contemporary artists in the first of their ten-year collecting and exhibition projects.  

Dianne Gringlas

Executive Director

Dianne has been a collector of art for many years; motivated by her sister-in-law Ada’s vision, she was inspired to start the Ten Cubed project. Her involvement in philanthropy and community work shaped her belief that art should be supported and shared with the public.

Ada Moshinsky

Curator to the Collection

Ada has been a driving force behind the Ten Cubed concept. She has drawn on her many years of viewing and collecting contemporary art. In addition Ada has served on a number of art boards in both the private and public arena.

Emma Solomon

Gallery Manager

Victorian College of the Arts graduate Emma Solomon will be managing the gallery operations, bringing her hands on experience from the last three years working at the gallery. First as a volunteer and then as assistant gallery manager. She is also an exhibiting artist herself, whose work has been well reviewed by critics.

Christa Tom

Assistant Gallery Manager

Starting out as a volunteer, Christa is now the Assistant Gallery Manager at Ten Cubed. With a background in arts management and arts consultancy, she is currently studying a Masters of Art Curatorship at University of Melbourne.

Gina Lee


Gina brings many years experience in the arts as an advisor, writer, designer and curator to her project work with Ten Cubed.

Elsa Holmes

Education Advisor

Elsa comes with a background in secondary education, arts management, photography and sociology. She is interested in discussing art to help develop critical thinking and communication skills and enhance personal and cultural perspective.