Ten Cubed

Ten Cubed is an art experiment. Over ten years, we will collect in depth from an evolving top ten contemporary artists working in various media forms: sculpture, painting, video art, photography and more.

Sometimes controversial, but always thought-provoking, these artists will be chosen for the aesthetic appeal and collectability of their works, and for their commitment to regular art production.

We want to share this rare opportunity to follow a hand-picked stable of emerging and established artists, represented by Australian and New Zealand galleries, as their works develop.

Ten Cubed 2 

Not to be confined by territory, Ten Cubed 2 seeks to include contemporary artists from around the globe in our collection. This extension of the Ten Cubed project aims to further connections between Australian and international artists, audiences and collectors.

Guest Exhibitions 

Separate to the collection, Ten Cubed’s guest exhibitions aspire to explore the benefits and possibilities of collaboration between different creative fields. This opens up a platform for artists who use a range of materials and traverse different artistic fields to exhibit new ideas and concepts in a gallery setting.