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Anne-Marie May

Represented by Murray White Room, Melbourne and Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand. Anne-Marie May has been exhibiting professionally for more than 25 years and was a member of the influential artist-run space, Store 5, Melbourne. Her work is widely represented in public art museums including the National Gallery of Victoria, National Gallery of Australia, Heide Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney. Selected solo exhibitions have been held at Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne, 2004; Michael Lett Gallery, Auckland, 2004; and Murray White Room, Melbourne, 2009, 2011 and 2013. Anne-Marie’s work was included in 21st Century Modern: 2006 Adelaide Biennale of Australian Art, Art Gallery of South Australia; and Less is More: Minimal and Post-Minimal Art in Australia at Heide Museum of Modern Art, 2012 and Melbourne Now at the National Gallery of Victoria, 2013-14. www.murraywhiteroom.com hamishmckay.co.nz  


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