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TENCUBED presents: In conversation with David Wadelton and Helen Frajman

July 28, 2020
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As part of the public program for The Symphony of Collection (4) : Planet A, we have invited artist David Wadelton to share with us his artistic practice and the concepts behind his works. He will be speaking with Helen Frajman, the director of m.33 as he introduces to us his latest project/publication.
David Wadelton’s works are part of our current online display – Planet A.
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IMAGE: David Wadelton, Skipping Girl Vinegar sign, Richmond, inkjet pigment prints on rag paper, 23.3 x 35cm, edition 1 of 5, 2012

Planet A, is an extension from our previous exhibition ‘Departure’. Traversing from an individual perspective towards post-modern problems into a wider realm, the exhibition investigates collectively the relationship between human activities and our natural habitats. It creates a nostalgic depiction of a ‘Planet A’ with objects and visual images of urban and rural landscapes.
Featuring works by artists David Wadelton, Jonathan Delafield Cook, Lisa Roet, Michael Cook, Noel McKenna, Nicholas Folland, Rosemary Laing and SarahSmuts-Kennedy, this imaginative exhibition explores the future of our habitat in the light of recent crises, and questions if regaining ‘normality’ could be a way forward in this tumultuous world.
The Symphony of Collection (4) : Planet A
21 July – 15 August 2020
The Symphony of Collection, is a series of five exhibitions that celebrates Ten Cubed’s ten fabulous years of collecting. The series is presented metaphorically as a ‘movement’ from our Ten Cubed collection.