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New Exhibition

November 22, 2019



To celebrate ten fabulous years of collecting, Ten Cubed presents The Symphony of Collection, a series of five exhibitions that brings together artworks in the Ten Cubed Collection. Viewing the act of collecting as an accumulative journey, each exhibition will be presented metaphorically as a ‘movement’.

The first movement titled The Best of Times explores works within the collection which are variously engaged with the notion of time, history, mobility, death and violence, through mediums including painting, installation, photography and sculptures. The Best of Times also embraces the complex nature of ‘time’ and the ambiguity in interpreting ‘a period of time’ or ‘an era’ as the worst of times may simultaneously be the best of times.

Featuring works from the Ten Cubed collection, the exhibition is curated by Ten Cubed’s Gallery Manager and includes works from artists Liu Zhuoquan, Brook Andrew, Tim Silver and Scott Miles.